Could I get some help from you Lolitas?

Hello, I’m a bit bigger in the waist, around thirty-six inches to be exact. (I’m not sure if this technically qualifies me as a plus-sized Lolita, but I avoid calling myself that anyway out of fear of mislabeling.)
I see a Bodyline product I’m interested in, these bloomers and the waist is 64 - 100 centimeters (25 - 39 inches) and I was wondering if that means it stretches enough to fit my waist.

I was also wondering if you could all recommend some brand, or otherwise, Lolita clothes to me. It isn’t that I’m not willing to look myself, but it’s that I don’t know WHERE to look. I already know Fan+Friend does custom-sizing, and Bodyline carries some products for larger-sized Lolita.

I have it set so you can answer this, but you can always drop me an ask!ย 

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